Multiple HomeKit bridges showing unexpectedly

I have been getting notifications about a new bridge every time I restart Home Assistant ever since I started to try to filter devices. I removed my HomeKit Bridge from the Home app on iOS, and now I see two notifications every time I restart.

My configuration is as follows:


homekit: !include yaml/homekit.yaml


  exclude_entities: !include exclude_entities.yaml


- light.fan_light_switch_light

Any ideas why I have multiple HomeKit instances showing?

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As one would expect, immediately after posting this, only one HomeKit Pairing option is showing.


But i experience the same issue

I am also seeing the same. Stale pairing data / configuration in a DB somewhere? It’s certainly not in my configuration.yaml. 8-(

I did once have a HomeKit integration on the default port number, but it is not in my configuration.yaml or an included file now.