Multiple homes in one App

I can’t install another HA app on my phone but I do have two HA instances I want to work with (one is mine, the other is a family member’s house)

Install the webview as an app,the only things you will be missing is location and notifications but do you really need this for another home?

Currently on android the only way to achieve this is to create a separate profile on the device

I am not sure do I even understand what I write but sure I think you loose locations, on the other hand you can use the same integration for different HA instances to get app notifications. I get app notifications from all my three HA instances … or am I totally lost what we are talking about :wink:

And I am with android phone.

Is there any progress on this? With several familly members and their homes I would like to be able to run Home Assistant App and choose which home am I managing/accessing. Of course we would need keep authorisation or credentials, so it can be switched fast and easilly.