Multiple Hue bridges - Name issue

When you have two Hue bridges connected thorugh the integration part in Home-Assistant the names on both the bridges and the bulbs changes on restart. They switch between being the normal and the _2. As a result of this using the bulbs is a nightmare, configuration wise.

A scene will have to be like this:

  • name: loftet_vanlig_lys_pa
    state: true
    rgb_color: [255,188,85]
    brightness_pct: 100
    state: true
    rgb_color: [255,188,85]
    brightness_pct: 100

Only me that have this bug??

are you using discovery? If so, move to a hard config and it should solve the name swapping. Also, once home assistant is up and running use the entity_registry and change the name of one of them to something different.

Using discovery… I guess that it will solve it, but is it really a “fix”?

Should be fixed in the integration😊

discovery searches your network, what happens when it finds one first and the other second? That’s pretty much what is happening. The first one it finds gets the name without the number, the second one does not. If you use entity_registry and change the name of the device you can continue to use discovery. But if you want to keep the same name, then you need to ditch discovery and make sure they are discovered in the same order by hard coding it.

So the choice is yours.

But it should not change. I can restart home-assistant and it switches…

I’ve explained it to you twice. You can continue to argue or fix the issue with one of the paths. Arguing with some random dude on the forums about weather it is a bug or not isn’t going to solve anything. If you think it’s a bug, write up an issue about it.

So again to clarify: Your issue is that they have the same name. To fix forever you have 2 options:

Option 1: Force the order of the discovery by hard coding the devices in your configuration. This will force them to be added to your setup in the same order every time.

Option 2: Rename one of the entity_id’s to something else.

Option 3: Writing up an issue on github, waiting months, maybe even years for someone to look into the issue and fix it, then wait for the update.

Not an Option: Complaining to some random guy who’s telling you how to fix your issue.