Multiple I2C BME280 sensor challenge

Hi all, first post (pop!)

Have scoured through so many BME280 videos/blogs and cannot figure out why I can’t find (scan) my two BME280 I2C (on single I2C bus) on my ESP32 (WROOM). I can only get one to validate (0x76).

My breakout board is the GY-BME280 (photo attached). Most forums I come across mention the solder hack to assign a new address to the BME280. My board doesn’t have the solder pads. I’ve come across some topics where I can jumper SDO to GND to change it’s address, but even when I just run one BME280 jumpered on SDO ESPHome still scans it on 0x76 address, not the 0x77.

Has anyone been succesful getting two of these non-solderable BME280’s to work together?

If both devices use the same address, you could define 2 separate i2c busses and wire the devices to the different defined SCL and SDA pins.

See the note on this page I²C Bus — ESPHome

I thought it was when you connect SD0 to Vcc that it got the address 0x77.

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Spiro…you are my savior!

For all others…to change the I2C address on these BME280 (no solder pads) boards, jumper the SDO to VCC. Thank you!