Multiple Identical Remote UPS Configured in Home Assistant NUT Integration

Here is a way to get multiple UPS configured in the Home Assistant NUT integration. The integration uses the device manufacture, model and serial variables to generate a unique_id. Cyber Power UPS do not serialize the serial variable so they have identical values for all three of those variables. This situation causes the integration to assign multiple remote UPS to the same sensors. The solution is to override variables in the ups.conf file on the remote systems. Set the serial variable to a unique value such as the ups name in ups.conf . That fixes it. Another use for this feature is to set the battery date to help keep track of the battery age.

Additions to /etc/nut/ups.conf
Add = “some unique value” and override.device.serial = “some unique value”. The integration looks at both values.

Add a date to = “2019-09-01” to track battery age.

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