Multiple Instances of HA - is there a trick to it?

I tried to set up multiple instances of HA so that I could have Tensorflow running on a Raspberry pi (as it takes 67% of the memory), and all my other automations on another raspberry pi. But with both running random automatons seem to not run, the door does not show closed when it closes… If I unplug the Tensorflow Pi all works fine.

My big difference in the Pi’s config is the port number as I thought that was how to set up Multiple Instances. Am I missing something? Is there something else I need to change?

How are you connecting them?

By default they won’t talk to one another.

Here is a recent snippet on how I connect two instances

My only communication is MQTT, the tesorflow Pi sending info to the main PI, and this is all I need.

-Tensorflow works great it picks up people at my front door.
-But my main Pi skips automatons when the tensorflow Pi is running.

I’ll read through your post to see what I can find.

But I assume two Pi’s should work on the same network without modification? Right?

Do you have a single MQTT broker that both Pis are talking to? (one of the Pis can be the broker host)

Yes. Make sure you don’t have the same static IP set or some other network conflict.

Correct, the main Pi is the MQTT broker and the Tensorflow pi just connects to it.

And yes I have different IP address assigned to each pi. so it sounds like all is set up properly.

Can you see the tensorflow PI communicating with the other Pi?

Which port are you changing?

The port in the config

  server_port: 3218

I assumed I had to set up different ones to make them all work.

No, you only need to watch for port conflicts on the same machine. Both Pis can use 8123.