Multiple instances of integrations

Hi, I have added the Uponor Smartrix (heating) integration (through HACS). I have multiple hosts for the heating and need multiple instances of the integration. When I try to add another I get to add the IP address but after that I only get a message box without any information spray from a close button. The integration has not been updated in a long time so it might not be worthwhile asking the developer. My question is if there are other ways to create multiple instances (copy/paste code?) that I could use? All ideas are appreciated. Thanks!

hi, same issue here any news?

Looking at the code, it looks like it would not support multiple instances. This would need fixing by the developer. Note there is already an open issue for this on their github repo.

Bringing this back again, thanks for the answer. I have been trying to find a way around this for many month but cannot find it. Is there any other way of creating multiple instances by isolating them from each other?