Multiple LED strips on one controller?

I have a couple of LED strips setup following BRUHAutomation’ examples.

Has anyone had any experience with modifying these to allow multiple LED strips to be controlled via one ESP/NodeMCU?

I have a strip setup under my TV and one behind my TV itself, and it seems a bit of a waste of WiFi (let alone power) to have a separate ESP/NodeMCU for each!


Not tried it but should work. you’ll need quite some rework I would have though to define a different port for a different MQTT topic, but can’t see why it can’t be done
I’m not familiar with nodeMCU but use WeMos boards that have a few Data ports (Think about 8) so yes in theory :slight_smile:

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You can as long as you meet the two following requirements:

  1. Power Supply able to handle multiple LED strings
  2. Leftover pins on your ESP/NodeMCU to send the required signals to the strings

yeah I would not power LED strips with a node/MCU or WeMos :laughing:

I have mine using a 5v 10A power supply from Adafruit, works like a charm.

I have 2 runs, one around the tray of my theater and one under the seats. Both of them are connected to a Z-wave fibaro controller and that’s connected to a pretty big power supply. I have never had any trouble with this setup.

I have a couple of esp8266 running multiple led strips. as @lolouk44 said, the esp will have to be programmed for the additional strips and mqtt topic. Basically, just duplicating the working led strip code using a different port and mqtt topic for the additional strip(s) if they are the same type.

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