Multiple LightwaveRF integrations (multiple hubs)

My house is quite long and a single LightwaveRF hub simply does not cut it. Unfortunately there are no repeaters. I was thinking that if the LightwaveRF integration allowed multiple hubs, it would solve my problem. Besides forking the integration and renaming the integration, would it be easy to just support two hubs out of the box?

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I don’t think this is a problem I can solve elegantly. My component/lightwave library has two control schemes:

  1. pretending to be the official app and communicating with the LW servers that way
  2. using the official lightwave API, which also routes via the LW servers

Neither of these has support for two hubs. All I do is send a message to the LW servers which then deals with the hub. I have no way of extending it to a second hub.

You could set up two hubs with different usernames? But each device could only be paired with one hub. If this is the solution you have in mind I think this should already be achievable by adding another instance of the custom component with a different domain.

a) copy all files from
to (say)

b) change the domain references from “lightwave2” to “lightwave2A” in:

line 2 of custom_components/lightwave2/manifest.json
line 1 of custom_components/lightwave2/

My immediate thought is that adding this as functionality into the main component would require a substantial rewrite.

For anyone searching for an answer: Lightwave now supports multiple “locations” which means that you can use multiple hubs. In the LW app, devices on distinct apps don’t cooperate (e.g. you can’t create a LW automation) but in Homeassistant, there is absolutely no difference. Note that for me, devices on the second hub were disabled by default but I did not have to do anything else otherwise.