Multiple local Telldus ZNet integration

I have succesfully added one Telldus ZNet Lite V2 to HA via integration.
I just defined tellduslive host in configuration.yaml and integration locally (not Telldus Live) went smoothly.
I have more than one ZNet boxes in my LAN.
So question is how can I add another host or what should I do?

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I had the same dilemma and after looking through every post on this subject I decided to do some own experimental tests, and one of them kind of succeeded.

The problem with adding multiple local Telldus devices in Home Assistant is that the integration does not support it. But that got me thinking if the integration does not support multiple devices, what if I could add multiple instances of the same integration?

So I did the following steps to add two TellStick ZNet Lite v2 locally (speaking to devices directly via IP):

  1. MAKE BACKUP, SNAPSHOT AND EVERY KIND OF BACKUP POSSIBLE! This could potentially do some unwanted things to the home assistant.


  1. Remove the old (in my case Telldus Live Cloud) integration. All entities are now gone, but will hopefully come back soon. Also make sure to delete any “tellduslive:” settings in the configuration.yaml. I did a reboot after this step to make sure everything telldus related was gone. And to clarify, do an actual reboot not just “reload yaml”.

  2. Add the following code in configuration.yaml:

  host: <IP to Tellstick nr 1>
  1. Reboot again…

  2. Now, the first Tellstick with the same IP that you have entered in configuration.yaml should pop up as a discovered device in Settings > Devices & Services > Integrations.

  3. Click on “Configure” and make sure to choose the Local IP option.

  4. The entities from the first Tellstick should now show up in Home Assistant. In some cases, you would need to reload the integrations to force an update.

  5. If the newly added integration seems to work. Open a terminal and go into the file “core.config_entries”. As I understand it, this file store configuration for all integrations.

vim /config/.storage/core.config_entries
  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the file. Copy the “tellduslive” section to a separate file, preferably onto your computer:
        "entry_id": "b3********************************2",
        "version": 1,
        "domain": "tellduslive",
        "title": "<IP TO TELLSTICK>",
        "data": {
          "host": "<IP TO TELLSTICK>",
          "scan_interval": 60.0,
          "session": {
            "host": "<IP TO TELLSTICK>",
            "token": "qwert****************************************************y"
        "options": {},
        "pref_disable_new_entities": false,
        "pref_disable_polling": false,
        "source": "import",
        "unique_id": null,
        "disabled_by": null
  1. Delete the copied section from the core.config_entries file.

  2. Reboot…

The integration should now be gone and the trick now is to add the second Tellstick device the same way and merge the two configuration segments in core.config_entries.

  1. Perform steps 3-8 the same way but make sure to specify the IP for the second Tellstick.

Here comes the sketchy part…

  1. Add the copied configuration from the first Tellstick configuration into the core.config_entries file. Make sure to place a comma between the integration configurations. Maybe use some json syntax-checker to make sure everything is correct
        "pref_disable_polling": false,    #TELLSTICK NUMBER 1
        "source": "import",
        "unique_id": null,
        "disabled_by": null
      },   #<------- IMPORTANT COMMA SIGN !!! ------------
        "entry_id": "b3********************************2", #TELLSTICK NUMBER 2
        "version": 1,
        "domain": "tellduslive",
  1. Reboot.

Now you should have two Telldus Live integrations with names corresponding to their IP.

I have only used this solution for a better part of a week so maybe all bugs are not discovered yet.

The problems I have encountered so far are:

  • Home assistant have a hard time separating the entity source from the different Tellsticks. If I check what entities the first Tellstick provide, I find entities from the second Tellstick. Some entities (a few of two hundred) may not be named correctly. Make sure to look through and rename it if necessary. It´s maybe possible to edit some parameters in the core.config_entries file to make the integrations more separable for Home Assistant. I gave it a try but it resulted in Home Assistant Core not booting correctly and I had to remove the new config via the console CLI.

If anybody finds any other solutions, problems with my solution or maybe some improvements, please reply!!!

The few Telldus+Homeassistant users left need to stick together :slight_smile: