Multiple location 3-finger swipe on tablet

I have two locations. I use an iPad to manage these locations. To switch to a server, I do a 3-finger swipe on the screen to select the desired server. I would like to request for a tab on top of the Home Assistant app to select a server. It is more convenient that way than the swipe on a screen full of items - I may accidentally touch an active button.

Just a thought. Thanks.

I could not find a way to connect 1 app to 2 HA instances, even temporarily.
I simply added a work profile on my phone, added a second app, and I pop back and forth as needed.

I’m using android, however.

Home Assistant version 2024.4 on my iPad has my profile with two servers. The snippet below shows where to add servers. To switch servers, I have to do a 3-finger salute on empty part of the “Overview” screen and hoping I don’t accidentally press an active on/off button!


I think this screen will only come up when you are logged out and then you can add the servers!

Might be a stupid question, but have you tried HA Companion app > Settings > Companion app > Add server? Ref Docs.

Once you do, you should only be one gesture away from switching servers.

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So that’s where it is! Thanks.

Yes, the app knows that I have two servers so a tab for servers should be appropriate to switch from one server to another instead of a 3-finger salute.

I hope the Home Assistant gods will consider my RFC.