Multiple maps showing different geolocations without them showing up on the main map

I am trying to create several different map views for different things. One would be for the current ISS location. Another would be for earthquakes within a certain distance of my home in Colorado USA. A third would be for earthquakes near some of my relatives in Asia. And then there would be the device tracking one showing where the people I’m tracking would be.
I would like the device tracking entities to be the only one that shows up when I click on the Map button in the left tool bar, but when I enable all of the others, they show up too. How do I set up the main map to ignore all of the other geolocations. I think I can get other map cards to only show what I want for their particular areas, but I can’t keep them from showing up on the main map. Any ideas? Thanks.

The main map always shows all entities that define longitude/latitude. I don’t think that this is configurable.
An alternative is to set up additional maps where you can define entities (such as device trackers) or the geolocation source.

So what it looks like I’m really looking for is the ability to map the main ‘Map’ button to a specific map card / view showing just what I want without it showing everything with a lat/long. Sounds like a feature request. Or a real deep dig into the display code.

Hi, do you know how I can change the default map of HA or a more detailed one, which has greater definition?

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The default map zooms pretty well. What exactly are you seeing? Pretty pictures? Something like Google earth?

Hi Nick, thanks for your answer, I need a map with more detail, more colorful that has more information.
Something like I show you in the photo