Multiple MySensors?

Hey all,

is it possible to have multiple MySensors publishing to HA? I want to have one MySensor gateway running on 2.4Ghz and another one on 43xMhz…

you can have as many gateways as you like. (i got 4 gateways)
and with every gateway you can have as many nodes as you like.


Ive been tinkering with the NL24 radios and it works fine but only short distances… My house has lovely brick walls and Wifi can be spotty… So I was thinking of going to RFM69 instead…

I do have a NRF24L01 , with a bit SMA antenna but I simply cant get it to work on my Pi v1… Even with a seperate PSU powering the radio… Im gonna try some capacitors or a different PI (v3 or zero)… but gut feeling is telling me RFM69’s will be better…

unless you think otherwise?

my house has walls that are over 1m thick :wink:
so i know about the communication problems all to well.
i solve the problems by setting up extra devices on stategic places.
like an extra mysensors repeater in the window to get outside
and i have 4 cabled accespoints for my wifi.

i have a bunch off nrf24 lying around and i use them with my nano arduinos.
i have nothing connected to my pi directly.
unless you count the 1 serial gateway, which i will replace with another wifigateway soon.

for my wifigateways i use ESPs. (which are about the same price as the nanos)

i havent used RFM69s. because i have everything working.
but if you have better result with it i would be glad to hear that and maybe try it also.

Wow… 1M thick… Do you live in a cave??

The nice thing about mySensors is the repeater functionality, I almost wanna say should rename this to be “mesh” servers rather than repeaters! .

but in all seriousness I was wondering to myself why I would use 2.4Ghz instead of 433Mhz… After all we’re just sending 100s bytes of data…

My first project was to wire up each window to a sensor so I could tell if its open/closed etc. I was going to use Arduino+ NRF24 but i now have two options

  1. Use RFM69’s over 433Mhz
  2. Use RFLink instead and simply purchase off the shelf door sensors instead (e.g.

gut feeling says #2 makes more sense for the door sensor, but #1 does allow me to add more functionality to the sensor…

if you experience problems with 433 then 2 is probably not a decent option.

about my walls, i live in a 200 year old house that was built like they also built castles :wink:
only the outside walls are that thick, but its not even the thickest part.
i have a large winecellar beneath my house that i use, and where i also like to have wifi and mysensors reach.
that cellar is 500 years old and the walls from that are on the thickest part over 2,5 meter :wink:

impressive… I wont know if #2 is feasible without trying it… I think I’ll go for #1… bit of fun, add some extra sensors (like temperature, light etc) and I can then mesh the network

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