Multiple Nest Protects showing as "Cannot read property 'v' of undefined

Basically i have grouped the smoke and CO sensor for each of the three Nest Protects. Everything looks good but the status collectively is showing as “unknown”. Additionally i’m getting a "cannot read property of ‘v’ of undefined which i think is related. Any ideas?

Try adding the binary sensor for it as the first entity in your group like this

  name: nest protect second floor
  - binary_sensor.upstairs_nest_protect_online
  - sensor.upstairs_nest_protect_battery_health
  - sensor.upstairs_nest_protect_co_status
  - sensor.upstairs_nest_protect_smoke_status

Here’s how mine show up:

That did the trick and probably works well with one Nest Protect but if you add more than one, the “on” status doesn’t change unless all of the Nest Protect change status to ‘off’. Removed to update given one of the Nest Protects would be ideal.

I just realized you have all of them in one group, sorry. I can understand HA having a problem determining group status.

What if you put each one in a group like I did, then create a separate Nest group and tuck them into it. That should resolve the problem. You might even be able to put THAT group into another but I have never tried it.

That didn’t work :frowning: