Multiple Nodes Through Single Boolean?

When setting up nodes that check certain booleans (guest mode, vacation mode, etc.), is there a way to have the nodes route through a single boolean?

Currently I have booleans for each node set, so living room lights off at bedtime routes through guest mode; kitchen light stops motion detecting when we’re upstairs which routes through guest mode first. Is there a way to have these types of nodes route through one check vs each having their own?

I’ve tried doing something like it before but it triggered randomly. I’m guessing it has something to do with the output but I’m at a loss as to how

2 ways to handle multiple checks

trigger node you can add conditions

Template node

and you can also use global variables, they are available to all nodes
For example to make the variable foo available globally across the canvas:

global.set("foo","bar");  // this is now available to other nodes

And can then be read using .get

var myfoo = global.get("foo");  // this should now be "bar"