Multiple Notifications - away - node red

Hi HA community,

I have an alarm setup (ALARMO) with and external siren.

My setup is when HA see’s both my wife and I are “not_home” from our device.tracker HA app, to then check “Visitor Mode” isn’t enabled (which would cause the workflow to NOT arm, because we are not home but have a visitor that isn’t in the HA system home), and then arm the alarm.

What is happening is when the workflow is in Visitor mode, it floods my wife and my mobiles with the “Notify - NOT Armed Automatically Visitor Mode” notification. Talking here 40+ notifications over and over.

I tried putting the wait until node at the end to halt, however it still causes new notifications to flood in.

Is there a best practice or way I can solve this and just get the 1st only notification?

Thanks in advance.

Remove the wait until node.
In front of the Notify node add a Delay node with a rate limit set.