Multiple outputs as one addressable light?

Does anybody know if it’s possible to have multiple outputs with LEDs connected to them, configured as a single addressable light? I’ve built an Arduino powered christmas tree years ago, which controls a 74HC595 with LEDs connected. Reading the documentation, I understand I can easily create a separate light from each of these outputs but I’d like to have it available as an addressable light so I can send effects to it.
Is this possible or should I configure it to be all individual lights and create some automation in HA to switch them of randomly or in a sequence?

Not possible as far as I am aware.

What might work is setting the individual lights together as a light group in home assistant.

I think he’s after animated effects rather than global control.

You could write your animations on the arduino, connect the esp to it and use the esp to tell the arduino to play that animation via a custom esphome component using either i2c or spi.