Multiple Partitions on SSD new installation

HI all. I have upgraded from HA on a RPi to a NUC. Installed using a Linux bootable USB, downloaded HA generic intel image. Flashed it to the internal SATA SSD. Restored the backup from my Pi and all is working as expected. However why does the SSD have 8 partitions, is this normal or have I missed something? Thanks in advance. Al

It is quite normal for installations to have multiple partitions.
There can be partitions for UEFI setup, recovery, swap, temp and others.
Windows typically have around 5 and Linux a bit more.

The advantage of using partitions instead of folders is that partitions is fixed sizes, so a folder in the root system will not be able to grab space from the swap partition and thereby crash the system. Likewise the system will crash if the swap is used up, but it will not affect the files on the boot partitions needed to restart the machine and reinitialize the swap partition to zero.