Multiple People Leaving Zone Issue

For the longest time I could simply have a group for my family…

  name: All Persons
    - device_tracker.k
    - device_tracker.b

I’m not sure when but that apparently doesn’t work anymore for automations because it always states the status as ‘not_home’.

I’ve tried to do some quick searching but didn’t come up with anything but what’s the best way to handle something such as this now?

Simply put I have automations when my wife is home and not home which is simple and easy but I’d like to adjust the thermostat even more if we are both not home.

Thanks for any guidance, as I’m sure this is a simple one but my searching is failing me on the forums and google.

The trackers should not have changed but regardless, checking if the whole home is vacant is as easy as checking the state of the home zone. It should be a number value equal to the number of person entities in the zone.

0 == vacant


Thanks for that! I was struggling with a similar issue, where I tried to track who is not_home, but not_home is only away, and not any other zone defined. So if the person was in another zone it was not triggering for not_home.

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