Multiple Property Management

Hi, new to home automation. Ive been trying home assistant and openhab. I prefer home assistant but have one key challenge. I have a holiday home and my main home and want to manage both property automation from the iOS App on my iPhone. Ive not been able to work out how to do this and would like some assistance on the simplest way. Im using for the holiday home the cloud solution which is working fine but have just found out it only works for one you cannot have multiple.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

I managed multiple beach condos (z-wave and zigbee devices) by installing an ethernet based combo hub (at the time I used Wink, they’re out of business but there are others) at each site connected to the wifi/Internet router at each site. One HA instance at my home ran them all.

I don’t think it’s possible to have multiple independent homes within the iOS app.

I think your options or to either have one HA instance handle both homes (as Dixey said). However, this means that the home where HA isn’t needs internet at both homes to be working in order to do anything.

What I do, is use the iOS app for my home and simply the webGUI for my parent’s home. (On iOS, go with Safari to the web interface, than you can put an icon with access to only that website on the home screen using the share sheet).
You won’t get any of the phone sensors (location, battery, etc.) in the second instance, but you can access the interface just fine that way. :slight_smile:

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Hello I am managing two locations using the following tools (I have internet on both locations):

  • the “remote Home Assistant” add-on to replicate/share entities from the remote locations on the main location, so you can modifiy/manage remote entities on both HA instances.
  • I added Wireguard on two separate raspberry pi’s (one on each location) to create a VPN tunnel between the two locations, so I see all IP addresses if they were just local. I had to do this as, on the remote location, I cannot create a DNS name as I do not have a public IP address (4G internet connection).
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thanks for the idea. I already have Raspberry Pis at both locations so am reluctant to buy another solution now. Appreciate the response. thank you

Hi thanks that is what im currently doing however my wife finds it hard to use it with that set up.
thanks for taking the time.