Multiple recorder component

Hi there!

I would really like to add a second recorder component: a Google Cloud SQL database with everything recorded, nothing purged. Is this possible?



I figured, why not just try it and roll back if everything fails :slight_smile:

I added these lines to my configuration.yaml
# Default recorder
purge_days: 5

# Extra recorder
recorder bigdata:
  db_url: sqlite:///opt/homeassistant/test

However, the second recorder doesn’t seem to do anything, not even throwing errors in the logs. Does anyone know why? Have I not set this up correctly?

Ok trying to figure out why nothing happens I thought I’d start logging at DEBUG level and plough through that. However, that also doesn’t seem to work for me.

I’ve added “logger:” to my configuration file as per documentation but for some reason the logs in home-assistant.log stay exactly the same. They don’t even show the log level by the way, never have.

Am I looking at the wrong log file? Or anything else I’m missing?

Old topic but I’m really curious if you got this working? :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m also trying to add additional recorder for long term storage. I’m trying to use Azure SQL Database for this.
I Added additional recorder like you in the config but it does not seem to work. No tables are created and no errors in the logs.

I’m also curious if there is any progress towards this. I’d love to have a more permanent storage of some data so that I can make some dashboards in PowerBI.


I ended up exporting all data on a daily basis to Google BigQuery. More info here: Any way to send all events to Google BigQuery?