Multiple Samsung Frame's - Limited Functionality

I have 3 Samsung Frame’s in my home. Ranging from 2020 models through 2022 models.

I am also running on the most up-to-date version of HASS (Running HASS OS on Dell Optiplex), SmartThings, Samsung TV, DLNA, and Tizen Smart Controller.

As you can tell, I’ve tried multiple integrations but all seemingly fall short.

Here is what I would like to do with HA for these TV’s:

  1. Control the Basics (Power on/off, Volume up/down, Source change, “select” button, “up” button, “down” button, “left/right” buttons, Mute)

  2. Change Input Source

  3. Select Playable media (like a youtube link) and send it to the TV

At this moment, the only controls I have are power on/off, and volume up/down/mute.

I only utilize applications as I don’t have cable (things like YouTube TV, HBO Max, Peacock, etc).

I have tried all the integrations but now just have 4-5 different devices for the same TV with similar (or less) controls.

Is there a optimal integration to use?

Is there some sort of advanced configuration I would need to do in order to achieve the tasks above?

My SmartThings account has all 3 TV’s working and running in the iOS app.

The SmartThings app has all the functionality I’m looking to achieve.

I’ve added the SmartThings ID to the integrations where it’s requested or optional but still no difference in controls.

Any help or advice is much appreciated.