Multiple separated users

Hi. Is it possible in HA to create users, and these users have their own house, their devices, their entities etc? Like a lot of servers, one of it for each users, but it is the same server.


You may create View for each HA user in Lovelace UI

All entities,devices and integrations would connect to the single server. All automations would run on single server. You would simply make each user non-admin and create an individual Lovelace view for each

See visible at link provided above for an example.
This is also exposed in UI

  • Edit dashboard.
  • Select the view icon.
  • Click the pencil icon that appears.
  • Choose the Visibility tab.

Hi. Thanks for reply.

I did it, it works. But I’d like to create a user that can be able to add their own devices, their own house, their own location. Each user be a different customer. Is it possible?

I think you just want separate installs in docker

That would be a single server but allow multiple separate/independent installs.