Multiple subnet issues

I am running HAos a VM with 2 interfaces, one is my management VLAN and one in my IOT VLAN. I am trying to get my devices to auto recognize some TP-Link Kasa smart plugs and smart strips with no luck. I can add the IP address but I really don’t want to have to set that in my DHCP pool as well.

When I turn off one of the interfaces and rerun the check on the Kasa integration, all of the devices come up.

I think this is an issue with multiple subnets and the auto function not searching the subnet space or mdns or whatever method is used for auto detect on all of the interfaces.

Is there a way to put in a ticket for this to be looked into.


You can select the primary interface in the network settings of HA, but having it run on both interfaces will be a mess and require some strict routing administration on your HA installation and on your router.
I suggest you let your dedicated router handle the routing and avoid having two routers on the same subnets.

Understood on the routing. Since there are 2 seperate vlans that do routing, HA should only respond to requests on each interface it was intended for.

Anything that uses IP addresses I assign based on the subnet it’s in. The auto discover / mdns / etc should all get the address for the subnet it’s broadcasting in. Since these are different broadcast domains that are physically separated it shouldn’t cause an issue.

I do not know if it is possible to run two distinct service for mens and other discovery services.
The normal way would be to let the router handle the mdns routing between the vlans.
A decent router should be able to do this.

I solved a very similar issue here by using AdGuard home DNS rules to use a hostname for a subnet independent resolution of HA server.