Multiple Toggles but only one active?

Ok, so is there any EASY way to accomplish this? My vision would be to have 6 toggle switches but only one of them is able to be “on”. So if switch #4 was on and I flipped on switch #6, if would immediately turn off switch #4 and turn on #6 until the next switch was flipped on and then #4 would turn off and that switch would be the active one? Anyone easily accomplish this before without a ton of scripting?

I think the easiest way is to have all six of them as triggers in an automation.
Then action is to turn off all of them and then use the trigger variable to turn on the one that is the trigger.
But not sure if this will cause an endless loop.
Be prepared for it and disable the automation if that happens.

Hmmmm…I’ll give it a try…I see the logic from both sides and could see how it could go into a endless loop. Perhaps there is a way to delay the trigger by a second from reacting to another toggle being fired. Appreciate the feedback.

A better option would be an input_select with 6 options. You can then automate which switch should be on based on the input select state.