Multiple Users in Owntracks?

Does the Owntracks integration setup page allow for multiple users? I tried using the same encryption secret and webhook as an HTTP server in Owntracks with different usernames (our names), device IDs (phone model), and tracker IDs (our initials) and the integrations page only shows one.

Do I need to set it up manually in the configuration.yaml? If so, what settings do I need to include?

I face the exact same issue, so ill bump this thread… anyone?

I believe that the device id configured in owntracks is used to create the name of the device_tracker entity.

I have two users and it works okay for me.
If I remember correctly I just setup one at a time.

What have you done so far?

Okay so it started working just now :slight_smile:

I just copied all the info from my already configured device and gave the other device another name in the app.