Multiple Voice Satellites with TTS responses routed to different zones/rooms?

I currently have HTD’s Alexa Centric solution installed in all 4 rooms/zones within my house. I love it, but I want to replace those Alexa spy devices in my ceiling with Home Assistant’s Assist. Here’s are a few solutions I’m thinking about:

Solution 1 (USB Microphone + Chromecast dongles):
Put a mic reSpeaker USB Mic Array in the ceiling of every room. Then have the Voice Pipeline in HA stream the TTS response to the appropriate Chromecast Audio Dongle plugged into each zone on the whole home audio amplifier? Is it even possible to have a single HA voice assist pipeline that intelligently routes audio responses to different Chromecasts or do I need Stream Assist?

Solution 2 (ESP32 w/ quality mic and 3.5mm line out):
Perhaps someone knows of a an ESP32 product with a high quality far-field array microphone and 3.5mm line out? I could put those in my ceiling running ESPHome?

Solution 3 (Matrix Voice + RasberryPi + Home Assistant Satellite):
Perhaps I could use Matrix Voice & RasberryPi running Home Assistant Satellite?

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By chance, where did you land on this?

I really want to place a raspberry pi in each room ceiling paired with a mic array.

Most of the pi HATs for mic arrays seem to be discontinued — and I can’t seem to find a good existing set of cases for the combo + in-ceiling mounts.

I’ve been following this thread, but there still seems to be a lack of good options.