Multiple weekly login attempts with invalid authentication from DigitalOcean, LLC

Howdy Folks, I’m getting 3 or 4 notifications every week for “login attempts with invalid authentication” from many different IPs based out of Singapore for DigitalOcean, LLC. I’m using Freenom domain for access with multi-factor authentication. Can someone please tell me why Digital Ocean is constantly trying to access my HA instance?

I have heard of digitalocean, they processed a credit card payment i made many moons ago for some kind of software, so it s a legit (or used to be) company. Someone under that domain name got a hold of your HA URL and is trying to break in.

Because there are bad people in the world who would like to make your house a member of a botnet.

You mention where you got your domain name but not how you are exposing HA to the internet.

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Using Cloudflared to connect to my Freenom domain setup with SSL and multifactor authentication.

Yeah, and something interesting I didn’t mention but there is a Digital Ocean integration available to install in HA. I researched it on gethub but did find anything helpful.

DigitalOcean is just a service provider if hosted servers.
It could just as easy have been Microsoft, Google or Amazon, which also provide those services.