Multiple zones on the same gps coordinates (home and cellar)

I use hass with success and I it’s now the substitute of a previous system make with many bash and curl scripts :slight_smile:

But the I can’t do this:
I have my house and my cellar with a working device_tracker system on each one (wifi router). I can’t understand how to map devices on the correct two zone: I need this for automations:disable a webcam motion system with alarm that I have on each zone.

I have investigate on community board and documentations but I can’t find a solution, someone can help me? Thank you!


As far as I understand you want to have zones inside same house?
If you have multiple WIFI networks around you then I suggest FIND.

It can track you inside house and know in what room you are.
I haven’t tested it much but it seems to work.

Note that you can find more info about it on this forum, and some users that use Zanzito (me included) are/were using it.

Hi, thank you for your suggestions (Zanzito and Find). But my problem not is how to track device, I have 2 device_tracker that identify correctly my devices, but always put it in “home”. I don’t understand how to map device from device_tracker 1 to home zone, and device from device_tracker 2 to cellar zone.

I have read many documentation but I don’t understand how to do this!

Thank you for any suggestions.

I have tried FIND a long time ago and not completely sure if it updated the zone.
As far as I can remember it was probably a different entity.

But you can easily use it to know where exactly your device is.
Not sure what your use case is, but you can easily know if your mobile phone is in your bedroom, toilet or similar…that is if you have enough wifi networks around to triangulate the location (similar to what google is using to know which exact store you visited in a mall)

Thank you… I will try FIND.

Maybe my problem it’s very “easy” at logic level: I don’t have to triangulate anythings, I have two device_tracker correctly configurated in two differents locations (2nd and underground floor) on the same cabled network with 2 wifi AP, and I want to identify presence on the two zones by where my devices (phone) are connected.

I expect that hass can do this without external compontents, but I don’t understand how to do this at config level…

Thank you anyway!