Multiply conbee dongle

Hi, I have worked out that I need around 100 zigbee devices on my network, these include, PIR, door/window/humidity sensors, lights and switches. I have a hue hub, which has around a 50 device limit, which I use for my lights. What would be my best option:-

1). 1x conbee and hope for the best.
2). 2x conbee’s if thats possible?
3). 1x conbee and 1x zwave dongle and split devices between them both?

Thanks Kev

One ConBee II is enough. You don’t have a device limit with ConBee (or not one that a normal household will ever achieve). The only limitation is that only something like 25 battery powered devices can be connected to one single router (mains powered device). I have over 60 ZigBee devices connected to a single ConBee without a problem.

Hi, that’s great, thanks for the reply. I should be under the 25 limit. (5x pir, 5x door/9x window/2x humidity sensors) the rest will be mains powered.

That’s the limit for one mains powered device.