Multiplying two sensors with different date stamps

I have two integrations: Eloverblik and Nordpool through HACS.

Eloverblik provides data from usage of energy in my house - updated around 08:00 every day for the day prior (or two days prior)

Nordpool provides hourly today and tomorrow prices - updated around 13:00 every day for the upcoming day

Now what I would like, is to have HA in some way calculate the price for electricity used by “simply” taking the sensor from eloverblik and multiply with historic value of nordpool.

The sensors both have an attribute with a date value:

{{ state_attr('sensor.electricity_cost', 'date') }} 
{{ state_attr('sensor.eloverblik_energy_0_1', 'metering_date') }}

Which return:
sensor.electricity_cost = 2022-12-29
sensor.eloverblik_energy_0_1 = 2022-12-28

I have managed to split up the nordpool and electricity usage by hour. - Both as separate sensors and attributes (trial-and-error leftovers)

So here’s my question:

How do I create something that will multiply the two floats - but for the correct dates?

If there’s more information needed please let me know and I’ll provide it