Multiroom audio - Volumio and Chromecast audio devices

Is there a way to play multi-room (synced) music to Volumio and Chromecast audio devices?
I have RPIs with Volumio installations in some rooms and Chromecast audio in the others and I’d like them to play in sync. Grouping media players doesn’t seem to work - I don’t get the option to stream from the same source. The problem is with Volumio which has it’s own interface - it is a source, not only player.
In the past I used SnapCast but now that I have Volumio Rivo to tackle my audiophile side in the living room, I don’t find a way to sync it with Chromecast audio players.

Not familiar with Volumio, but have you checked out Music Assistant? It’s still in beta and I don’t believe works with that, but I’m sure you could find another protocol for it to work with. Use it for my home audio and it’s great.

Synced music is not really a standard, so you seems to only have SnapCast, Volumio or LMS and they do not play with other devices, because the other devices so not have the standard.

I use RPi 0 clients for my speakers to play in sync with SnapCast.

Music assistant does not support synced music.

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Yes and no. It does within the same player types, and will still sorta do it with different types. I have a group of Chromecast Audios combined with a Squeezebox player in my office that are ‘synced’. They drift a few seconds (between the CC group and the Squeezebox), which isn’t an issue for me as they are in completely different spaces and I only briefly notice it when I walk in/out of my office.

But yeah, if you want perfect sync stick with one protocol that’s made for it.

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No, it does not.
Your “player type” is just similar in electrical design and therefore have the same processing way. That is why they seems somewhat synced.