Multiroom audio with Alexa and PCs

Hi everyone,
Right now I have one Amazon Alexa’s device in each room, in total there’re 6. I have also one fire tv connected to my Living TV with Logitech z906 as surround system (but I don’t add this device in the multiroom group because it has some delay and even if I adjust the delay after one or two songs it reappears, if I want to listen the music with the z906 I connect that with the echo dot that I have near it). I just bought the z625 for my desk and I want to add my PC into the multiroom group with the Alexas. Is there any integration that I can use or some settings with Home Assistant?

So, you want your PC act as an alexa/echo device so music will play there? Maybe Alexa pc app can do it?

Idk, I will try. If this doesn’t work do you any other idea? Or is more simple to buy an echo dot and connect this with 3.5mm?
I have the GoXLR on my PC, so I can connect the echo dot to Line IN and then send out the signal to Line OUT where the z625 are plugged in

So I tried to install the Alexa app and add that to the multiroom group, but it doesn’t show in the list. So it doesn’t work