Multiroom Audio

I’ve recently fallen in love with room-assistant and HASS can now tell what room in.

I’d really like to be able to have my music follow me around the house over different Chromecasts, however I’m stuck on how I would pass the current audio playing from one Chromecast to another.

I’d be really grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction or even better already has this implemented.

There was a thread here about follow me music, however I couldn’t find it anymore. The workaround is to cast the music on all rooms and put the volume to 0 then automate the volume increase base on your location. BTW, what are you using for the room awareness?

Interesting. Could be a little annoying if anyone else is listening to music in the house though. I’m using room-assistant on a bunch of pi’s tracking a mi band 2.

Sounds nice and low cost, does it work on pi zero?

Yeah, I’ve got a Zero W & a Pi2 working fine.

I have a multi room audio setup, but I don’t use Chromecasts. Here is my setup


Lol, that’s why I cannot find the thread here, it was on reddit.
and he was using sonos. It should be doable on chromecast audio, though