Multiscrape error: Problem with Selector?

I’m trying to pull in the REPORT text from Lake Monster but I’m getting an “unknown escape sequence” error (I think it has to do with the colon in the selector I chose).

How I got my selector: right clicked the section of the page I want and went to “inspect.” Then I right clicked that element in the console and chose copy selector (This may not be the right way to do it?)

- resource:
  scan_interval: 28800
    - unique_id: hayden_lake_conditions
      name: Hayden Lake Water Conditions
      select: "#__next > div > main > div > section > main > div:nth-child(3) > div:nth-child(1) > div > div >\:rounded-lg.lg\:col-span-2.lg\:row-span-2.lg\:row-end-2 >\/\\\\\:pb-14.xl\:px-16.xl\:pb-20.xl\:pt-16 > div.nextui-c-BDLTQ.nextui-c-jMTBsW.nextui-c-gulvcB.nextui-c-BDLTQ-eZMbDJ-variant-shadow.nextui-c-BDLTQ-fmlsco-borderWeight-light.nextui-c-BDLTQ-cuwTXc-disableAnimation-false > div > div > p"
      value_template: '{{ value.split("Hayden")[1] }}'