Multiscrape - please help with scraping Bayrol site

Having a look at Num.js and NumStrings.js looks promising.
I am currently only stuck on using the right, lets call it namespace.
4 = nums seems to be normal measurements (as in topic d02/xxx-xxx/v/4.)

Some identified codes

Hi, thank you so much for the work!
I was just trying ton understand this code.

Have you already wrote the nodered functions?
And can you share it, please?

It would permit me to add it in domoticz.

Hi, I do not use Nodered, just the Python script then sort the data based on the table after reception by Mosquitto in Jeedom.
If someone can integrate it in Nodered it could be used by any platform.

So it wasn’t so hard after all.
Got the redox in Domoticz now

I use the switch fonction in nodered.

var msg1 = {};

switch (msg.payload.t) {

    case "4.82": //redox
    msg1.payload = {"command":"udevice","idx":4437,"nvalue":0,"svalue":((msg.payload.v).toString())};

    case "4.182": //ph
        msg1.payload = {"command":"udevice","idx":4440,"nvalue":0,"svalue":((msg.payload.v)/10.toString())};      
    case "4.1": //sel
    msg1.payload = {"command":"udevice","idx":4441,"nvalue":0,"svalue":((msg.payload.v).toString())};

To send new parameters, I just have to add case to the function.

It works fine with the redox but as i didn’t receive the ph or any other usefull information, i can’t send it to domoticz…
What are you using as subject and server?
I use
d02/“serial number”/v/#