Multiscraper: is it possible to use a dynamic resource?


I am trying to scrap from a page url which is identified from some sort of index page.
I can identify the correct page url.
However, the second part of the configuration does not work. Apparently the second resource receives None. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be welcome! Thanks

# My configuration.yaml >

  - resource:
      - unique_id: mscraper_url
        name: mscraper_url
        select: 'article > h2[class="entry-title"] > a'
        attribute: href

# The above sensor works. 
# It holds the url link to the full blog article

# The below code does not work. 
# The dynamically identified link does return None
# Any solution?

  - resource_template: {{states(sensor.mscraper_url.state)}}
      - unique_id: mscraper_ravoire_blogcomments
        name: mscraper_blogcomments_ravoire
        select: 'h1[id="comments"]'