Multisource sensor - an alternative to Min/Max sensor

This sensor is based on Min/Max sensor,
which is very useful to compute one value based on a number of related values.
The main problem with the Min/Max sensor was that its state is always numerical as it keeps the
last numerical (i.e not unknown/unavailable) state of its entities according to the docs.
Therefore its state won’t be unknown even if all of its entities’ states are unknown and one needs
to take their own measures to react to such situation as per this discussion.
This can be done using automations and additional entities, but it won’t be as flexible as
a custom component.
On the other hand, there is always a risk when using custom component as if something changes in
a way Home Assistant handles them, you’re in troubles.
So you’ve been warned.

Here’s what you can do with it:

- platform: multisource
      friendly_name: I am a multisensor
        - sensor.pilight_ground_floor_reception_temperature
        - sensor.rflink_ground_floor_reception_temperature

      friendly_name: composite temperature
      type: min
      round_digits: 1
      selectable_sources: true
        - sensor.ground_floor_reception_reliable_temperature
        - sensor.ground_floor_lounge_reliable_temperature

The code and all docs are here.
In this topic I’m happy to discuss the idea behind the component or how to improve/change it.

If you want to report a bug or ask for a new feature, please use Github page rather than this forum.

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