Multistate light


I am new proud user of home assistant in my home.
My installation is based on mysensors which exposes all “relays” to HA. The problem I have is how to show and manipulate with ceiling light which have 2 “zones”.
There are 5 bulbs in one ceiling light. One relay is connected to two of them (zone A) and another is connected to 3 of them (zone B).
Now I have two switches for zone A and for zone B. This is not the best solution I think.
Question is if there is lovelace solution for one switch, light card which have multiple stages.
Sth like:

Any ideas?

You could create a dummy light, and then have automations when the brightness is above 75, 50 and 25% ?

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This is solution I was thinking about but. I also would like to have 4 defined states.
I mean this is very fluent manipulation (percentage) but I would like to have for example 4 dots on this card (circle) to just click them. It can be a slider as well.