Multizone Audio Questions - HA Newb

I have HA dealing with all of my lighting, including using MQTT and Node-Red to communicate with my old software that supports UPB lighting that HA does not. It works really well. I have been learning scripting and using it for scene controls. And that works great.

Also have Google Home working well.

But I am having a difficult time wrapping my head around multizone audio/music using the hardware I have and local MP3 files, etc. And how to deal with the UI once I get the backend working Selecting music to send to the zones, etc.

Here’s what I have:
Vaux LA-1600A 16X16 stereo matrix switch/controller. Using it to control 5 sources of audio and 11 zones of output, going to a 18 channel amplifier (9 stereo zones) and a couple of receivers. It is controllable via RS232.

Inputs are MP3 files coming from 3 sets of outputs on a media server to 3 of the inputs on the Vaux. AN AM/FM tuner, And a Chromecast. I have more outputs on the server available and am think to use one set for TTS output.

So I have no idea where to even start making this work. I want to be able to select from the 25,000+ MP3 files I have and send them to any of the zones. Or Pandora, Spotify, etc to the Chromecast and then to the Vaux’s ins and outs.

I know that the norm around here is to use multiple chromecasts, squeezeboxes, or RPis. But I have the infrastructure in place already, with a central equipment location and all of the speakers wired in ceiling. Plus, we tend to “group” zones on the fly around here. So we’ll be listening to music in the kitchen and then decide to add the office or the living room as we go. And with 11 zones, it’s hard to imagine preassigned groups for all of the possibilities.

Hope this all makes sense. I’d be greatful for any help.

Maybe if I just start by asking: How can I setup an iFrame to select music from something like LMS? Any other choices?

Then I can figure out ways to route that somewhere?


In the same boat. Attempting to figure out how to send audio to multiple zones on a receiver and add or remove zones on the fly. It may take putting together some custom stuff on the front end with lovelace. I’ve done quite a bit with love lace so if I make progress I’ll shoot it your way but its going to be a little while.

Actually, I got it working fairly well. I’m pleased with the setup. I have LMS (Logitech Media Server) control 2 Squeezebox players. One is actually a Chromecast Audio and the other a Raspberry Pi running piCore player. Then I use a Russound MCA-C5 multizone amp.

I have the LMS mobile interface in an iFrame on a card in LoveLace and I’m using Mini-Media-Player on another card with all of the zones.

Like so:

I also have the full LMS as a page (Music icon on the left) when I need to spread it out a bit more.

But LMS gives me my media library of over 20K songs plug streaming option all in the one interface.

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Hi. Sorry to dig this old thread up, but did you build a script for controlling the vaux lattis switch? I am thinking about using it for a somewhat different role, to switch amp inputs from a TV to a chromecast audio so I can have both feeds available in a room and automatically have the amp switch depending on what is active.

I can get a couple of the 8 channel versions of that switch pretty easily. If you have the script that would seem a better way to go than other solutions.


I did not. I ended up getting a good deal on a Russound.