Muse Luxe, tts no longer working (FIXED WITH NEW YAML)

So my museluxe is running esphome 2023.10.3 and even on 2023.10.2, I just noticed that for some reason when I use any kind of tts it doesn’t play on the muse. It plays fine on my apple homepods and the browser, so I know the service is working ok, and I know the speaker is working on the muse because I can still use radio browser and play music through that. But tts stuff resets the device or doesn’t play at all. Anyone have any ideas?

Could be related:

Maybe the mute pin is not being set for tts?

You should open a new issue.

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Hmm, thanks for the heads up, if it’s the same thing then it should be working looks like the fix was merged a bit ago. Bummer! Thanks for the link though!

That wasn’t for tts though. Which is why you should open a new issue.

yeah I did, thanks again!

@monsieurlatte please report here when it’s working again. I wanted to configure my muse in the coming weeks. Thx!

Ok so this yaml config does work, not sure what changed.