Mushroom Card Used As An Overlay (Floor Plan With Pop Up Room Overlay)

The title might sound confusing but what I am looking for is a way to have a floorplan showing my whole apartment and when I tap on a given room, a pop up will appear with that specific room floorplan - allowing me to tap any smart devices I have in that room ie: lights, switches, heat, etc.? I was thinking something like the mushroom card pop up.

I have created a 3D version of my apartment and would really like to be able to tap on my bedroom and have a 3D image pop up of that room, and then tap on a light, or switch.

Sorry if this question has been asked in the past but I haven’t been able to find a way to do what I am hoping is possible. I hope I have explained it well enough for someone to understand correctly. Any guidance would be gratefully accepted! Thank you!

You can’t pop up a mushroom card as suggested in your title but you can definitely use a multi layer floorplan to get what I think you are after. Multi Floor Example - Floorplan for Home Assistant

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@OzGav Thanks for the quick reply! It’s not quite what I’m after unfortunately. I have done a mock up using Paint (sorry; it’s the best I can do to show visually what I would like to do).

On the left is the main floorplan, then by tapping on a defined area of the living room, I would like a pop up window of the living room (shown in the right image) where I can then tap on the TV to turn it on, or tap on the mirror to turn on the lights that I have behind the mirror.

It doesn’t need to show the lights of course, just have the ability to turn the lights on/off just by tapping the mirror.

Yes that is what I thought you meant. If you make the ”pop up” a layer you can show and hide that.

@OzGav So if I tap on my living-room portion of the floorplan that I have (assuming I would need to define the area/zone, will it be a pop up, or will it just go to another view (First Floor in the example they provide in the instructions)? Or do I have to click on the tab at the side where it says Ground Floor, First Floor in order to see that floorplan?

If it just changes the view, I assume that I could define each floor as each room in my apartment; naming them accordingly. Am I correct with this thinking?

If I am, this would give me the ability to define entities that I can click on (like turning lights on/off), right?

Sorry for all the questions. I am a noob at this so learning on the fly with these sorts of things. I appreciate your time in answering tho!

You can make it do whatever you like. In terms of your original idea you would define an area that when clicked causes another layer to display (which will be your “pop up”). You will need something in the new layer that you can click to then hide that layer again (an X in the corner?)

@OzGav Thanks for the confirmation! Looks like I know what I will be doing for a couple days or so. hehe… I appreciate your time and responses!