Mushroom template get temp sensor working

Hi All, I’m trying to figure out how I can get my temp readings from my evohome honeywell system. The integration works according to the documentation : Honeywell Total Connect Comfort (Europe) - Home Assistant

I am however unable to get the temp readings to be used in my mushroom template.

See screenshots below

Anybody know how I can get the right info? it says heat instead of temp, what code do I need to add?

This works for me.

{{ states(“sensor.kitchen_temperature”) }}°C

Thanks Simon, really appreciate the fast response here. Love this forum!

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work as the integration is not a standard sensor. The code DOES work for a non evohome sensor. The entity is also only available as entity climate.roomname instead of entity.sensor

Ahh, maybe create a template sensor to ‘fix’ the entity id?

Does this require manual coding? Trying to figure out how to do this.

Fixed ! {{ state_attr(‘climate.speelkamer’, ‘current_temperature’) }}