Music Assistant 2.0: Your Music, Your Players

Of interest the Sonos provider is currently being rewritten so who knows what tomorrow may bring….

With all native MA providers there is no link to any other app so, for example, the Sonos app has no idea what MA is doing or is about to do. The queue isn’t sent to the player as a list of songs. The songs are streamed to the player by MA. The native enqueue capability just means MA can send the next track just before the current one ends and the player nicely transitions.

I don’t know why you would do this. Open the MA UI instead?

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@marcelveldt Any possibility of a 32-bit compatible version? I’m (unfortunately) still running HA on an Raspberry Pi 3 (32-bit). I do plan on upgrading to an RPI 5 at some point, but time, money. :man_shrugging:

Asking the real questions here…

This still should not matter, you should get the info from the Album tag, not the folder name.

I’m getting some strangeness with one artist (that I have found so far).
The screen shakes a little. There is a dot on the refresh button but pressing it does nothing.
It seems a bit of a weird one…
Any ideas?
Untitled video

I think you can see it in the gif but I have an actyal screen capture video if needed

Does anyone have a good workaround for zoned amplifiers? I’m using the official monoprice 6-zone amp integration which (for me) has 3 media_player entities to control the power and volume of the zones.

I’d love to have the ability to toggle on/off the zones in the Music Assistant web app, but I can’t include these media players as they don’t meet the criteria for selection in Music Assistant, which make sense for playing music, but I’d like a convenient way to toggle the zones.

Any work arounds? I looked at template media player or even creating some “shadow” media player that I could add to Music assistant then toggle the real media player power based on the shadow state.

Nothing elegant has come to mind, casting for other ideas. :slight_smile:

Another observation.

I don’t think it handles apersands (&) very well in artist names
It seems to create two artists. One with the name before the ampersand and one with the full correct name.

For example:

No sorry that won’t be possible.

In the future there are plans to be able to map other entities controls to the MA UI. No ETA for that at the moment.

Yes that is a recently introduced bug while trying to solve a different problem. It will be fixed soon

Under the user interface settings, the ability to select what items shows on the home screen doesn’t seem to have any effect. I made the selection so the tracks does not appear, but after saving it tracks still appears on the home screen.

Did you refresh the browser tab? Some browsers require this.

This was in the home assistant app using both the sidebar and a web page card. I rarely if ever use it in a computer browser.

Yes it is a refresh thing. Navigate away to a different HA page and then come back. I’m not sure if that can be improved unless we can force a page refresh

Didn’t help. So those selections don’t work at all then?

Yes they do. They work fine for me when I refreshed. Are the settings saving properly. When you go back to the settings is the TRACKS option still not showing (that is, it saved correctly that you do not want that showing)

What browser are you using?

Using MA on mobile is actually a pretty good point I hadn’t considered yet.

Is MA already compatible as a Progressive Web App?
That would help with limited screen real estate on mobile.

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Yes it is a PWA

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Yea tracks is not clicked. Yet it shows.

Also just tried it on my deesktop, both with Chrome and Firefox, same behaviour.