Music Assistant and podcasts

There are radio stations that I listen to that have sections that are saved to podcasts that they list on their sites. They have links to rss, podium ivoox and more. They also show up on myTuner radio. Is there a way to get the “albums” listed in MA using one of those feeds so I can choose them to playback in MA?

The main Music Assistant post may be a better place to ask this.
Music Assistant 2.0: Your Music, Your Players.

I found a way to get my podcasts into Music Assistant with help from chatgpt.

I asked it to inform me in Windows how to download the mp3 files from an RSS feed with podcasts and replace the filename with the episode name and date. It gave me a python script that uses feedparser. I set the Windows folder to share. In Music Assistant I added the folder under Setup provider: Filesystem (remote share). I am now able to play the podcasts I was interested in on Sonos by simply choosing the Sonos speaker(s) and then going to browse then Filesystem (remote share) then clicking on the mp3 with the episode name that looks to be the most interesting.

Now I have another excuse to get another tablet, this one just for Music Assistant.

edit: I don’t actually have to go to browse. I can just click on tracks and since the filenames start with the date they are are the top of the list.