Music Assistant - strange radio behaviour

Weird pulsing when I play BBC radio stations using Music Assistant / Radio Browser. Anyone else?

Full story: I use HA to control my Sonos system using the wonderful custom mini-media player Lovelace card. I listen to various radio stations set up as favourites in Sonos and linked to buttons in the card. Has worked for a few years.

Been trying Music Assistant because it works well with Voice Assist… I have set up Radio Browser as a provider as well as Spotify.

However when playing BBC radio stations, the radio pulses - not exactly regular, but roughly 2 seconds on, 2 off.

Other non-BBC radio stations seem to play fine.

I have the Radio Browser integration as well as Music Assistant. If I play a BBC station using media/radiobrowser (rather than using Music Assistant) it plays fine.

Any ideas? I’m a very limited techie. Can’t find a logbook entry with any clues about this.

Update: found the Radio Browser website and I think there must be a problem with the BBC streams because I get very mixed results playing these stations using the player there. Apologies for doubting Music Assistant! (and hardly wasted any time at all re-installing it 3 times trying to solve this problem…)