Music Player and external Sources to identified as what they are

Hi Forum,

i am new to Music Assistant and love the integration especially that it makes spotcast & scripts obsolete in my config.

Now i want MA to identify or take over the role of external music source.


1.) I use mobile and play Spotify ( Spotify Connect )
2.) I use TuneIn via Google Chrome ( cloud )

Whereas the default media player list the content whats being played right now, the MA just shows external soure and no furhter info.

is there a way to connect it somehow?

The only alternative i can think of is, to create automations in google home to always call MA to trigger the Addon ( Spotify or TuneIn ) but this doesnt help if someone uses Spotify Connect at home.


Go to music assistant’s github, the places to get help is here GitHub - music-assistant/hass-music-assistant: Turn your Home Assistant instance into a jukebox, hassle free streaming of your favorite media to Home Assistant media players.

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