Music sync from Sonos One to specific lights configured in HA

Hi there,

I can not find any solution for my plan.

There are plenty of lights integrated within homeassistan:

  1. Philips Hue (More than 10 and music synch is only available using entertainment up to 10 devices)
  2. Hyperion LED Stripes
  3. Other LED Stripes set up using Home Assistant Apple HomeKit Integration

I do have 4 Sonos one set up in my home and I want to synch all the lights to the music grabbing one of the Sonos one.

Do anybody did this before?

I only found something for MLSC (GitHub - TobKra96/music_led_strip_control: Audio visualization for LED strips in real-time with web interface on a raspberry pi.).
But I do not want to set up the stripes completely new and its not working for philips hue lights.

Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

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I Think a Raspberry pi 4 with home assistant and SSD do not have enough power to analyse music stream.

Maybe another Raspberry pi zero or pi 4or pi 3 to get the audio signal from wireless Sonos one and send them to the home assistant raspberry pi 4 ?

It probably is, but there is a big catch:
Nobody besides the sonos “sees” the music you’re playing. You’re just providing it an url.

VERY theoretically, it could be possible to have a “man-in-the-middle” integration that would intercept the actual sound, analyze it, synchronize lights and forward to the actual media_player/Sonos.

Big endeavor…

hey @koying

and grabbing upnp signal? directly from the router which is already set up in home assistant?

You might want to do a little bit of googling regarding what UPnP is :wink:
If you fantasize about doing packet sniffing of the music between your router an the sonos, just forget it :smiley:

The most realistic way to do it is surely with a project like the one you mentioned, involving an actual microphone to capture the sound.


yes I thought about using the packets :smiley:

But maybe I will try using WLED supporting Phillips hue lamps with diyHUE and LedFx to synch the music. Thought there were an out of the box solution for home assistant.

New technology to learn ^^

@fe22st ,Did you land anywhere with this?