Mutli-Room Audio Player

Multi-Room audio without mopidy, snapcast, etc.


  • VLC Player installed on endpoints
  • Home Assistant
  • browser_mod
  • lovelace-multiple-entity-row
  • google tts integration

I’ve developed a fully working multi-room player “MRP” that also does chimed announcements:

Radio ‘Mode’:

Announcement ‘Mode’:

I have created it as a package, you will be able to find it shortly on my Github


I’m OK with HA, but I am interested in this.

Are there detailed install instructions?

I was looking at the files on Guthub. Is this ONLY for radio stations? Can we use other media inputs such as Spotify, Chromecast, etc.?

unfortunately the link doesn’t work anymore.

I never realized anyone would be even remotely interested in this; I’m reworking it now, and will edit the OP to have the right link