Mvglive component

i have tried to get the MVG live (public transport in munich) up and running, but am just getting lots of “return data not understood” from mvg.
i realise this is a bit of a “niche” situation, but i was wondering if someone else has this component up and running
my configuration is as follows

- platform: mvglive
  - station: 'Dachau, I.-Taschner-Gymnasium'
    name: Home Bus Stop
    destinations: ['Feldmoching', 'am Hart']
  - station: 'Dachau, Bf'
    name: Dachau Bahnhof
    destinations: ['Hauptbahnhof']

i have this in its own "sensors.yaml’ file … therfore the “sensor” is not above…

I think this is because for Dachau there is no live data… for station “Hauptbahnhof” it works…